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  • Neuro Developmental Centre (NDC)
    May 14, 2015 3.00 pm Kerala, India

    Children with disability having any developmental delay; comes to this department, where we have a team of therapists (Physio, Speech, Occupational therapist and special educators) to assess the child and proper therapy is given. Early intervention is very important. Parents are trained to give therapy to their children at home.

    THFI - Early Detection Program

    THFI follow the three - stage process of Universal detection of hearing loss in newborn recommended by Aidan [Aidan et al Ann Otol Rhino Laryngol 1999 Jun 108]. Early detection is done in three major hospitals in Kunnamkulam suburbs. It aims to identify hearing impairment if present at birth, in order to affect appropriate intervention as early as possible.

    Birth admission screening - All Neonates are referred for the first test OAE, before discharge from hospital. Follow - up screening - Those who fail the birth admission OAE screening, are screened after 1 month [4 to 6 weeks]. Those who do not pass the second - stage screening are referred for a final OAE screening at 3 months.

    On failure at all three tests to detect OAE emission, the child is then referred for “Early Intervention”.

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