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  • Artificial Limb Centre (ALC)
    May 14, 2015 3.00 pm Kerala, India

    Artificial limb centre (ALC) was established in 1992.Initially there was only one technician making the P&O appliances. Subsequently trainees were sent to ADD, handicapped international, mobility India. We used to conduct outreach screening camps in far away please in Kerala and Tamilnadu to identify and asses physically disabled people.

    We provide:

    • Artificial Limbs (Below and above Knee prosthesis, Below and above elbow prosthesis)

    • Calipers (AFO, KAFO, HKAFO)

    • Spinal Braces

    • Special Chair

    • Arch Support

    • MCR (Micro-Cellular-Rubber) Chappels and special Foot wear.

    • Splints

    In the year 1998 THFI received recognition of ministry of social justice and empowerment to manufacture and provide aids and appliance under the ADIP Scheme free of cost to the poor. So far we have provided P&O appliances to more than 13000 physically disabled people.

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